Are your self-defeating habits holding you back & interfering with your life satisfaction & success goals? Do you procrastinate? 
Are your eating habits unhealthy? 
Is your exercise programming on hold? 
Is your life disorganized? 
Are you chronically late? 
Are you never getting around to doing that project? 
Are you still smoking? 
Are your money habits out of control? 
Is your self-confidence lacking and your life without direction?  

Priming: Programming the Mind for Habit Change and Success
                                     Clifton Mitchell, Ph.D.
The Ultimate Guide to Programming the Most 
 Important Computer in Your Life--Your Mind!
Chapters and Selected Subsections

Chapter 1: Priming: Why Did I Do That?  
    The Hidden Guidance System that Influences Everyone
    The Ultimate Goal: Automaticity  

Chapter 2: Priming: Necessary Details
    This Book Is About Words
    What Happens in the Brain When You are Primed?
    What Factors Influence the Effects of Priming?    
    Can I Prime Myself and Use It for Self-improvement?
    Which Behaviors Can Become Automated?  

Chapter 3: Ironic Process: The Mind Cannot Avoid, The Mind Can Only Attend
    Let’s Play Mind Games  

Chapter 4: The Mind Has Minds of Its Own: The Conscious, Subconscious, & Unconscious Minds
    Just How Much Capacity Does Our Brain Have?
    The Conscious Mind
    The Subconscious Mind
    The Unconscious Mind  

Chapter 5: The Decisive Factor: The Dominant Thought
    Dominant Thoughts, Habits, and Self-Control  

Chapter 6: Using Dominant Thought Theory to Change Your Life: The Four Steps
    Recent Habit Acquisition Research
    Neuroplasticity: How Long Does It Take to Change Brain Structure 

Chapter 7: What to Expect: The Demons You Must Conquer and the Help Your Mind Provides
    Demons 1, 2, & 3
    The Positive: Your Mind Will Deliver Better Dominant Thoughts
    The Results: Subtle Urges and Intuitive Nudges    

Chapter 8: More Things You Should Understand About Mental Programming
    Why and How Does Mental Programming Work?
    Brain Plasticity and the New Neural Science
    Willpower Versus Mental Programming: Partnering with the Subconscious
    Sabotaging Your Own Change
    The Idea That Change Should Happen Quickly, Sometimes Referred to as Failure
    Positive Thinking, Affirmations, and Mental
    Programming: They are Not the Same  

Chapter 9: Using Dominant Thought Theory in Psychotherapy: Applications for Mental Health
    Back To Basics: The Therapeutic Conversation
    Enhanced Empathic Responding
    How to Talk Positive to a Negative Person without Them Knowing It
    Goal Setting
    Using Dominant Thoughts to Manage the “I don’t know…” Response
    Direct Application as a Technique  

Chapter 10: Concluding Thoughts and Previous Contributions  

Chapter 11: Implanting New Programming for Specific Habits
    Creating Realistic Dominant Thoughts
    Mental Programming for Healthy Eating
    Breathing Clear Air
    Fingernail Biting
    Being on Time
    Getting Things Done
    Getting Organized
    Building Savings and Wealth
    Writing a Paper, Book, Thesis, Dissertation, Etc.
    Moving Away from Worry, Anxiety, Stress
    Test Taking
    Contentment and Self-Esteem
    Public Speaking
    Sports Programming
    Finding Your Life’s Direction
    Tips on Talking to Children
Stop trying to break your bad habits with the agony of raw willpower. Welcome to the world of priming and dominant thoughts where you will learn what really controls your behavior and how to use this knowledge to reprogram your mind-computer in the most convenient and efficient way possible. Research has confirmed that we are controlled by an unconscious guidance system much more that ever before conceived. This book will teach you how to harness the power of that same guidance system and how to mold yourself into the person you want to be. See Chapters Below. 

For over 20 years Dr. Mitchell has trained thousands on how the mind works and how to get it working for them. Now, for the first time, his no-fluff, straightforward 4-Step formula for mental programming is offered to everyone. Far beyond the mumbo jumbo world of affirmations and positive thinking, Dr. Mitchell presents a hard-core, scientifically-based system that teaches you how to recruit and partner with your subconscious to eliminate any habit and create effective, success-advancing behaviors for life. 

Stop Fighting Your Bad Habits, Reprogram Them!
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