A Practical, "How to" Guide for Dealing with Your Most Frustrating Clients.
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"Excellent!  I wish I had not rated other workshops as 4’s & 5’s so I would have an exclusive rating for this one!” Freddie Bailey, LADAC Counselor

“One of the best presentations I have attended in 20 years…depth of knowledge of subject and presentation was exceptional!” Ed Harper, LCSW

“I was extremely pleased with the specific examples... Fabulous instruction! Thank goodness for someone willing to tell the ‘how to’!” KNJ

“This workshop re-energized me! What a treat to learn...in such a fun and confidence-building manner.”Deborah Sheffey, Senior Psychological Examiner

“Very invigorating... Great presenter--excellent info, presented very effectively."  KG, Case Manager
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Unique, Dynamic Trainings and Books for Mental Health Professionals 
Clifton Mitchell, Ph.D.
The Ultimate Guide to Programming the Most Important Computer in Your Life -- 
Your Mind.
Effective Techniques for Dealing with Highly Resistant Clients

The Legal and Ethical Game Show Challenge 
Legal and Ethical CEU trainings for mental health professionals in a fun, dynamic game show format

Priming: Using the Hidden Power of Language for Superior Client Outcomes & Self-Improvement
Learn how to efficiently break bad habits and radically improve your therapeutic dialogue 

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