"The training is not only extremely loaded with great useful techniques, but it is also very intriguing and entertaining. Never a moment of boredom."
 Angie Barnard
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Letters of Endorsement from Dr. Mitchell's Clients
Convention Planners: 

As a 25 year event planner veteran, it is refreshing to have had the pleasure to present Dr. Clifton Mitchell as our Keynote Speaker and Workshop Presenter in 2008.  Our conference hosted over 900 participates that were present for the Keynote Presentation.  On a 1 to 10 scale this keynote was a resounding 10 for mental health conferences! Dr. Clifton Mitchell is a very charismatic presenter who held everyone’s attention while he brought a very serious topic to us in an understanding way. It was wonderful how he incorporated humor to present such a powerful, therapeutic message. The keynote was followed up with his training on “Effective Techniques for Dealing with Highly Resistant Clients.” Attendance for the resistance workshop was outstanding with over 125 present and comments were extremely positive. The resistance material was presented in a dynamic, fast pace, with lots of laughs.  The mental health professionals enjoyed themselves as they learned. 

I highly recommend Dr. Mitchell’s keynote and resistance training without reservations at your upcoming mental health convention. 


Diane Dill
Event Planner, Alabama Council of Community Mental Health Boards

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"Your keynote and subsequent training is one of the best, if not the best 4+ hours I've experienced in my career. Energetic, engaging and useful to the end. Made me want to shuck all the administrative stuff I do and go back to being a therapist." 
Frank Moore 
Mental Health Director
Children & Families Commission Director 
Albany, Oregon

"Dr. Mitchell is not only very entertaining and informative, he presents real life examples with practical application. This conference is not one that you just "learn," it's one you can apply in your day-to-day work with your clients. Dr. Mitchell was very friendly and easy to contact, schedule, and work with to present at a state-wide conference."
Mary Penberthy-Macki, MS, LCPC
President, Montana Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors Association
Billings, Montana
“Clifton Mitchell was one of the most well-received speakers we have had the pleasure to host. Training participants gave him rave reviews. His presentation skills are exceptional as he translates state-of-the-art research and knowledge into relevant, accessible, practical gems for the therapy practitioner. Not only is he highly intelligent, diligent and thoughtful, he is funny, kind and humble. What a delight it is to work with him!”
Liz & Trev Sheean, PsychOz Publications, Australia