Below are handouts from trainings and articles addressing various aspects of resistance and legal and ethical issues. Also included is the 1993 letter to APA from the FTC regarding advertisement, solicitation, referral fees, etc.  Click to go to handout or article.
                                               Resistance Management Articles

Mitchell, C. W. (2013). Is resistance dead? Psychotherapy Networker, 37(3), 18-23, 60-61.

Shallcross, L., (2010, February) Managing resistant clients. Counseling Today, 52(8), 40-43.
       This article/interview appeared in Counseling Today the official magazine newletter of ACA.

Mitchell, C. W. (2007). Dual roles and resistance. This article addresses the management of resistance that is 
      fostered by incompatible, system-created dual roles.

Mitchell, C. W. (2005). Understanding and managing client resistance: Letting go to gain control. 
      This article was published in the newletter for the Alabama Mental Health Counselors Association (ALMHCA)
      and briefly outlines a model of resistance from a social interaction perspective. 

Mitchell, C. W. (2003). Resistance clients: We’ve all had them; here’s how to help themThe Advocate, 26(7).,. 
        This article was also published at where a number of interesting articles and interviews 
        discussing psychotherapy are available.

                                                     Legal and Ethical Articles

Mitchell, C. W., Disque, G., & Robertson, P. (2003). When parents want to know: Methods for dealing with 
      parental demands for confidential information. The Professional School Counselor, 6(2), 156-161. 

Mitchell, C. W., & Rogers, R. (2003). Rape, statutory rape, and child abuse: Legal distinctions and counselor 
      duties. The Professional School Counselor, 6(5), 332-338.

Letter to APA members regarding the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) ruling that APA members can not be sanctioned for certain advertisement and business practices. 
Articles Discussing Legal and Ethical Issues and Psychological Resistance Strategies

Handout: 3 or 6 hour Resistance Management (Priming Keynote and Followup included.)
Post-test for 3-hour Resistance Training.
Post-test for first 3-hour L&E Game Show.
Post-test for second 3-hour L&E Game Show.
Priming Keynote Handout Power Point Slides.
Pre-Training Power Point Slides of Quotes on Resistance.

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