Priming: Using the Hidden Power of Language for Superior Client Outcomes and Self-Improvement
             Comments from those who have heard Dr. Mitchell's keynote presentation

"Your presentation on motivational communications was a huge success with the crowd.  We laughed, thought, and most importantly, learned."
Elaine Bodenweiser      
Small Business Coordinator

"...over 900 participates that were present for the Keynote Presentation.  On a 1 to 10 scale this keynote was a resounding 10 for mental health conferences! Dr. Clifton Mitchell is a very charismatic presenter who held everyone’s attention while he brought a very serious topic to us in an understanding way. It was wonderful how he incorporated humor to present such a powerful, therapeutic message." 
Diane Dill
Event Planner, Alabama Council of Community Mental Health Boards 

"Your keynote and subsequent training is one of the best, if not the best 4+ hours I've experienced in my career. Energetic, engaging and useful to the end. Made me want to shuck all the administrative stuff I do and go back to being a therapist." 
Frank Moore 
Mental Health Director
Children & Families Commission Director 
Albany, Oregon

"Dr. Mitchell's keynote was a great fit for our audience! energetic trainer...I highly recommend his keynote and resistance training for your mental health conference!"
Ashaki McNeil
2008 Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Conference Coordinator

"There are many people who speak to groups on various topics.  But there is only one that I have heard speak that kept my undivided attention.  That is Dr. Clifton Mitchell."
Susan Judy, Executive Officer  
Home Builder’s Association

"Your talk on “dominant thoughts” was excellent and your delivery style was captivating."
Bill Knight, Chair
Leadership President

"Awesome! This was a great speaker to open the Conference!"
Attendee - Alabama Council of Community Mental Health Boards Annual Conference

"His unique presentations are consistently energetic, informative, and filled with humor." 
Nancy Barker, Executive Director, Leaderships Hawkins County

"The presentation was most enthusiastically received by the clients in the program and the group co-leaders alike.  He is an inspiring and masterful speaker, with encompassing familiarity with his subject matter.  His delivery was couched in lay terms that were readily understood and easy to apply to daily living situations."
JoAnne McDevitt  
Seminar Participant

"Your message on projecting positive or negative sub-conscious thoughts when we communicate was fascinating.  As we discussed after the meeting, training people to communicate in a positive manner and using this knowledge in our interactions in business, education, and everyday life would be most valuable."
Doug Thompson, Vice President
Citizens Bank

"This presenter was quite motivating.  He knew his subject well and was capable of delivering his topic to a varied audience. Wonderful conference keynote."

"I heard nothing but excellent comments from our folks.  They really enjoyed you!"
Susan Reid, Executive Director  
First Tennessee Development District

"Dr. Mitchell was really super! This was an excellent choice for our opening keynote."
Attendee - Alabama Council of Community Mental Health Boards Annual Conference

"Your seminar was an all time high for me, I couldn’t wait to get back home and work and try my new way of talking and thinking, not only with my clients but also family members."  
Diana Summie   
Seminar Participant

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I have been to conferences all over the United States and have never enjoyed nor felt like I received so much from a workshop as I did yours." 
Jimmy Harris, Executive Director, Blount County Community Action Agency

    Most people know more about how to program their VCR than their own mind! Dr. Mitchell’s presentation, Priming: Using the Hidden Power of Language for Superior Client Outcomes and Self-Improvement, will teach you how to program the first computer you ever owned--your mind. This dynamic keynote or breakout session introduces the audience to world of priming through a discussion of the priming that occurs in our everyday lives. It then addresses the scientific research, demonstrates the phenomena, and explains how priming can be utilized to radically intensify therapeutic communications and improve outcomes. In addition, these principles provide you with the mental tools necessary for molding yourself into the person you want to be and for reaching your personally desired goals.
    Specifically, the priming research of the last 20 years has determined that humans are controlled by an unconscious guidance system profoundly more than ever conceived. Priming occurs when something stimulates and triggers behavior. Semantic priming has confirmed the hidden power of words to stimulate preparatory thoughts that trigger new behavior with or without conscious awareness. The most significant finding is that unconsciously created goals can be equal or more powerful than conscious goals and, amazingly, that goals do not require an act of will to be acquired. Yet, the nuances of how new behaviors are stimulated through the precise, meticulous use of language are rarely discussed relative to the therapeutic dialogue and self-improvement. 
    For the past 30 years, Dr. Mitchell has keynoted at hundreds of conventions and business organizations on effective techniques for improving communications and overcoming bad habits through an understanding of mental programming. He is known for providing practical information in a uniquely entertaining, fast-paced style filled with hilarious examples from our everyday lives. This laugh-while-you-learn presentation is ideal for mental health professionals, leadership and sales personnel, and anyone desiring change in their life. 

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