Current Training Schedules
Clifton Mitchell, Ph.D. 
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2020 Presentation Schedule/Calendar

2-6-20 Palm Springs, CA, National Association of Therapeutic Schools & Programs (NATSAP) 

3-20 & 21-20 Washington, D. C., Psychotherapy Networker 2019 Symposium

5-13-20 Washington, D. C.,  Ninth Annual Dept. of Energy EAP Training

9-18-20 Las Vegas, NV, Nevada Psychological Association

2019 Presentation Schedule/Calendar 

1-30-19 San Antonio, TX: National Association of Therapeutic Schools & Programs (NATSAP)                 
3-20 thru 22-19 MN Social Services Association (MSSA) Annual Conference, Minneapolis

3-23-19 Psychotherapy Networker 2019 Symposium, Washington, D. C.

3-25-19 Eastern Shore Hospital Center, Cambridge, Maryland 

4-18-19 Lincoln, NE: Training Sponsored by Suncrest Counseling

4-26-19 Jonesboro, AR: Families Inc. Counseling Services--Arkansas State Un.  

5-15-19 Boise, ID, Idaho Conference on Alcohol and Drug Dependency (ICADD)

5/29 & 30/19 Bellevue, WA U S Journal Conferences

6-20-19 Boise, ID NATSAP Nat. Asso. of Therapeutic Schools & Programs Conference

7-18-19 Bakersfield, CA, Henrietta Weill Memorial Child Guidance Clinic & Beh. Health

8-12-19 Rock Hill, SC, School Counselors Conference

9-11-19 Nashville, TN, Cumberland Heights Foundation 

9-28 & 29-19 New Orleans, Louisiana Counseling Association (LCA) Annual Conference

12-12-19 Phoenix, AZ, Erickson Congress 

2018 Presentation Schedule/Calendar

1-31-18     Tampa Florida: National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs                                      (NATSAP) Annual Conference 

1-14-18     Clearwater Beach, FL: US Journal Training: Behavioral Health Addictive Disorders                     Conference

3-07-18     Chicago: Vendome: Where Freud Meets Buddha Conference

3-21 thru 23-18 Minneapolis, MN: Minnesota Social Service Asso. (MSSA) Annual Conference

3-24-18     Washington D.C.: Psychotherapy Networker Symposium 

4-04-18     Asheville, NC: Therapeutic Placements Consultants (TCP) Conference

4-11-18     Lexington, KY: Un. of Kentucky Dept. of Psychiatry Grand Rounds

4-25-18     Las Vega, NV: US Journal: Adolescents & Young Adults National Conference

4-27-18     Topeka, KS: Stormont Vail Health Training

5-01-18     Detroit, MI: Mariner's Inn Drug and Alcohol Training

5-22-18     Knoxville, TN: TN Valley Case Management Society of America Conference

7-10-18     Indiana, PA: Mid-Atlantic Addiction Research & Training Institute for Community & 
                     Behavioral Health (MARTI) Annual Conference

7-26-18     Columbus, OH: The Addictions Studies Institute

9-14-18     Brattleboro, VT: The Brattleboro Retreat training

9-26-18     Detroit, MI: StarrVista, Inc

10-5-18     Salt Lake City, UT: Suncrest Counseling

10-18 &19-18 Knoxville, TN: Annual Psychiatric Symposium 

11-2-18     Federal Way, Washington, Sponsored by Suncrest Counseling

12-5-18     San Francisco, CA: Milton Erickson Foundation Brief Therapy Conference