A Practical, "How To" Seminar that Teaches Innovative Approaches to PreventAvoid, and Resolve Resistance
Topics Addressed Include:

Empowering ways to conceptualize resistance

Common errors therapists make that foster resistance

​Basic principles for dealing with resistance

Dozens of specific techniques for managing resistance

​The fundamental problems of over-questioning

How to manage "I don’t know" and "Yes, but…" responses

Using the inherent power of language to create movement including understanding priming and how to use priming to trigger preparatory thoughts promoting client action and creating therapeutic movement.
Comments From Those Who Have Attended Dr. Mitchell's Seminars on Resistance
Dear Dr. Mitchell,
Thank you so very much for the crash course on melting resistance. On Monday morning I started speaking the new language and the results are simply transformational!! Using the "directives" facilitates engagement for client and therapist, deeps the connection and opens doors to so much information. I feel as if I'm not working so hard to engage the client and the sessions are much more interesting. Please know that we all left feeling inspired and excited. 
Very sincerely, 

​“Clifton Mitchell was one of the most well-received speakers we have had the pleasure to host. Training participants gave him rave reviews. His presentation skills are exceptional as he translates state-of-the-art research and knowledge into relevant, accessible, practical gems for the therapy practitioner. Not only is he highly intelligent, diligent and thoughtful, he is funny, kind and humble. What a delight it is to work with him!”
Liz & Trev Sheean, PsychOz Publications, Australia

I am a therapist at an RTC for girls ages 12-18 who have been involved in the sex trade of Milwaukee. I work with a lot of highly traumatized, and often highly resistant, dysregulated etc. clients. In Dallas, I went to your "I don't know" session as well as your initial keynote and I have some feedback. I have been working with a client for 5 months. There have been many silent sessions broken up with her beautifully orchestrated “I don't knows” floating around in the room, followed by weeks of her not even coming to session due to what I can only surmise as her feelings of continued un-safety. I used your "I don't know" techniques today--the girl spoke to me for an hour. THANK YOU. Erin Bostelmann, Therapist. 

“Great material, thoroughly researched and excellently presented with a mix of humor and knowledge.”  
 Amy Rutherford, Case Manager

"Brilliant trainer & great training programme. Thoroughly engaging throughout the whole thing with all the learning & new insights and concepts. Totally enjoyed myself!" Seminar Attendee, Singapore

"Intensive learning experience nicely lightened with anecdotes, humor, and a willingness to engage with the audience." Seminar Attendee, Sydney, Australia

"This presenter dwarfed the others throughout the week. I actually came a day earlier- went unpaid on Thursday just to see this presenter. I was not let down at all."
Attendee, 2011 Psychotherapy Networker Annual Conference

“One of the best presentations I have attended in 20 years …depth of knowledge of subject and presentation was exceptional!”   

“This workshop re-energized me! What a treat to learn about such a frustrating and deceiving therapeutic reality in such a fun and confidence-building manner.”
Deborah Sheffey, Senior Psychological Examiner

"Dr. Mitchell is very knowledgeable in the area of dealing with resistance clients, and he presents that information with skill, appropriateness, and humor. I highly recommend his book and seminar."
Cathy Lord, Discharge Planner, Council for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services, Inc (CADAS)

"I have never enjoyed a seminar this much. The time flew. I've never been at a workshop where the people clapped at the end of the first day." Seminar Attendee, Brisbane, Australia

"The training is not only extremely loaded with great useful techniques, but it is also very intriguing and entertaining.  Never a moment of boredom.  (wish I had Dr. Mitchell as my counseling instructor)."
 Angie Barnard

“…unambiguously presented, eminently practical, and highly engaging.” 
Robert E. Wubbolding, Ed.D., Director, Center for Reality Therapy, author of Reality Therapy for the 21st Century, Director of Training, The William Glasser Institute

"...right from the onset got me thinking critically about my practice and resistance in a whole new way. Clifton's explanation of his theory & practices & his engaging personality & teaching ability had my full attention for the whole 2 days." Seminar Attendee, Melbourne, Australia

"It was excellent and very helpful especially for managing the emotional stress of being a therapist.”  
Therapist, FHI

“It has been one of the most informative workshops I have attended.  It has given me new insights and has confirmed beliefs and insights that I have previously formulated.” CB, Supervisor

"Excellent!  I wish I had not rated other workshops as 4’s & 5’s so I would have an exclusive rating for this one!”   
Freddie Bailey, LADAC Counselor

“Well thought out presentation. Good examples. Very interactive with the audience using examples and demonstrations…No disappointments.”  
Jon Schafer, Counselor, University of Alabama 

“Entertaining and effective.  I teach counseling students and plan to “borrow” material.  Very good use of examples to make points concrete and useful."
 Angela Stowe, Counselor/Adjunct instructor, Un. of Alabama Birmingham

The best conference training I have been to in years. Dr. Mitchell's presentation was riveting and inspiring. 
Attendee, 2011 Psychotherapy Networker Annual Conference

“The energy was excellent. The information was given in a way to be readily recalled and realistically expect to use the techniques.”  
EGH, Clinical Liaison Crisis Response

“Excellent material that can be used everyday by therapists. One of the best workshops we have had here.”  
Dan Smith, Volunteer Behavioral Health Care

“…very beneficial. The presenter brought humor to a subject of seriousness which helped us to relax and have fun with the learning of new techniques to help us in the future with our careers.”  
Amanda Jarrett, B.S., Adult Outpatient Mental Health Case Manager

“Excellent workshop, “role playing” discussion, class participation, and class involvement, all made workshop outstanding.”   
Martha Crittenden, Disability Specialist, State of Alabama

“A dynamic, energetic speaker…definitely keeps the audience engaged and attentive.”   
CRT, Family Services Counselor

“Fascinating, informative, relevant.”

“Speaker was well-versed in the topic—great sense of humor and use of illustrations.”

"I left feeling refreshed and excited to work with resistant clients."  Jill Cusack

“Clift connected with his audience. Wonderful presence—alive, empowering.”

“Provides hands on techniques that can be easily applied.”   Nicki Weth

“Very helpful handouts for visually stimulated learners.  Enjoyed the use of humor throughout the session!”
 Connie Bartlett, M.S., NCC, Program Manager, Community Alternatives to Prison Program

“Very informative. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop-Dr. Mitchell is very knowledgeable about resistance and presents the material in a way that keeps the audience interested…Thanks!”  
Therapist, FHI

“Great workshop!  Very thought provoking.  Practical suggestions.” – P.B.

"Excellent.  Highly informative while being entertaining.  No disappointments.”

“Dr. Mitchell displays genuine interest and passion for his career.  A counselor expectations=RESISTANCE!  Profound!"

Workshop was outstanding.  Presentation was excellent and information was relevant.” 
Curtis Trent, Clinical Supervisor Knox Co.

"Great information- relevant and practical- one of the highlights was the explanation of how to use the concept of the dominant thought to create therapeutic movement.  The explanation of pacing and leading was especially relevant."   Linda Britt

“This is a wonderful workshop.  It provided invaluable information for dealing with resistant clients and how to use that to the advantage.” –Ginger Smith, BSW, Case Manager, FHI

“Excellent presentation, augmented what I already do with new insight and skills to practice.  Good handouts and presenter had an inviting manner to stimulate participation.” 
Skip Archer, Director/Therapist, The Carpenter’s House

“The presenter was very interesting, well-prepared, and articulate.  The printed material was very useful in following the presentation.”

“Knowledgeable presenter, fluid presentation, regular breaks, held my interest.”

“I thought the workshop was extremely helpful.  I especially appreciate the comprehensive handout.”  
Stephanie Elson

“Very informative-Probably one of the better-best presentations I’ve been to- the material was not dry and Dr. Mitchell is a good speaker-not boring.”

“Entertaining and encouraging to therapists willing to try new techniques for the resistant client.” 
Jamie Greeson, C. D. Therapist, FHI

“Dr. Mitchell presented his material in such a way to maintain the interest of his audience throughout the day.  He offered many valuable pointers as well as insights into using the suggested techniques effectively on a daily basis.” J.G. Troxler, LCSW, Adult Outpatient Therapist, Watagua Behavioral Health Services

“Highly entertaining speaker with thought-provoking ideas.  Provided useful information that will be beneficial both professionally and interpersonally.  Humor and examples made information easily understood and digested.  Frequency of breaks good.” 

"This workshop has been very informative and gives another perspective in dealing with resistance that will be beneficial.”   K.C.

“There were no disappointments.  This was an excellent workshop.  I would recommend it highly!” SES

“This workshop was presented with energy and enthusiasm.  Dr. Mitchell knows his material and conveys usable techniques for any clinician.  Thanks!” 
H. Preset

“Very good info-presented well.  Great- as always!” Allie Browder

"Great training event. Makes a difficult concept easier to understand and incorporate.” 
SCR, A&D Specialist

“As a counselor who deals with highly resistant clients on a daily basis, I feel that the information presented by Clifton Mitchell gives new meaning to breaking down barriers to change.  The techniques were well explained and effective tools.”  V .Lynn Rogers

"Excellent integration of scientific basis, theoretical synthesis, and extremely useful, practical emphasis on understanding and resolving stuck places in therapy. Will apply to all my clients...Thanks! Seminar Attendee, Sydney, Australia
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Effective Techniques for Dealing with Highly Resistant Clients
The successful management of resistance is the pivotal point of effective therapy. It is also a critical component in alleviating therapists’ stress. Although most therapists have been trained extensively in theoretical approaches, few have had extensive training in dealing with resistance. This is a fast paced, highly practical seminar designed to teach innovative approaches and ideas to prevent, avoid, and resolve resistance. These techniques are applicable across a wide array of clients and problems, and can be integrated with all theoretical approaches. Emphasis will be on “how to” aspects of resistance management, though the theory behind each approach is provided.

Specifically, this seminar will first present definitions and a model for resistance that empowers therapists in managing the problem. This is followed by a discussion of common mistakes therapists make that promote resistance and a discussion of the general principles for dealing with resistance. More specific approaches and techniques are then presented with particular attention given to utilizing the inherent power of language to circumvent resistance. Common client impasses such as “Yes, but…” and “I don’t know” responses will be addressed in detail. Recently updated, this training now explains priming and teaches attendees how to incorporate priming into their therapeutic dialogue for improved client outcomes. Upon completion of the training, participants will have a broad array of techniques to add to their repertoire and to aid in reducing the stress that accompanies their most frustrating clients.

Excellent…This seminar was real meat and potatoes for the mind.”  
Billy Manuel, LPC, Therapist
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This training is intended for social workers, counselors, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, case managers, drug and alcohol counselors, etc. working in mental health settings. 
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