Legal and Ethical Trainings Will Never Be The Same!
Topics and General Program Outline:
"The best ethics course I have    taken in 14 years." CF, LCSW
Comments From Those Who Have Attended Dr. Mitchell's Legal and Ethical Game Show Training
"One of the two most requested workshops..." at the 2016 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium.
Rich Simon, Editor, Psychotherapy Networker

“Best ethics training I have been to. I think this method increases retaining the information.  
Kept my attention.”  
Debbie Cohen, SPC

“Fun and ethics presentations don't typically happen together but they did with this presentation.”  Rachel Peterson, Primary Care Social Worker

“I loved jeopardy! It was very educational and much more rememberable.”   
Kirsten Flemming, BSW

“This was fun! I learned more than I would have listening to a 3-hour lecture. I had ample opportunities to ask questions and learn from other clinicians. Thank you!.”
Lakeshia Hershen, LCSW

"Clift Rocks!!"

Joe Kochelek, Therapist 

One of the " 10 workshops..." at the 2014 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium. 
Rich Simon, Editor, Psychotherapy Networker

"The dynamic presenting style was very engaging. Best ethics session I've attended!"
Attendee, 2016 Psychotherapy Networker

Enjoyed " interactive it was, and how hilarious and knowledgeable Clifton was! I really loved how engaging he was with all of us, and how he invited lots of questions and discussion about the differences in codes and in situations across states and license boards."
Attendee, 2016 Psychotherapy Networker

"The presenter is the best part. He takes the fear out of ethics."
Attendee, 2016 Psychotherapy Networker

"What a fun way to explain a confusing & complicated topic." 

"I've been a therapist for over 25 years and I gained new knowledge and understanding of ethical dilemmas."
 Donita Denton, Social Worker

“Very fun, interesting, & informative presentation on a topic that can be boring!” 
CC, Social Worker

"Keep doing this -- It's Great!”  
Heidi Bailey, Social Worker

"Dr. Mitchell makes ethics fun and knowledgeable at the same time. Would do it again!" 

"Excellent content and examples. The format was a blast and really helpful. Clifton was poignant, instructive, and engaging. 
Attendee, 2011 Psychotherapy Networker Conference

“This workshop kept our interest, was functionally appropriate and provided excellent opportunities for discussions. Great Job!!" James R. Hawkins, Social Worker

"Speaker on top of his game."

“Totally enjoyed the way the information was presented today. It kept everyone's interest."
 Ginger Hood 

"Dr. Mitchell was just excellent. His material was extensive and presented in a very interesting way. It was very relative, informative, and crucial to what we do. It was the best presentations of this subject matter that I have ever heard. The participants were energized and very appreciative for his breathe of knowledge."
Attendee, 2016 Psychotherapy Networker

“Love the game show theme"  
Samantha Walker

“This format  was great! It was fun and kept attention focused on material”  
Barbe' Bartlett, B.S. 

“Excellent format and presentation.”   
Joshua Ledford

“Much more entertaining format than the typical lecture format of trainings, which leads to more absorption of information.”
Colleen Weems, Counselor

“Clift did an excellent job. His energy and knowledge bring ethics to a practical level.”
Bill Stanley, Psychological Assistant

"Very enjoyable -- took heretofore dull topic and made it interesting and engaging for the audience."  Doris Lawson

“Interesting way to present typically dry material! Much better than a dull lecture.” 
Amy Willett

"Dr. Mitchell was phenomenal, funny, engaging, and taught in a collaborative manner."
Attendee, 2016 Psychotherapy Networker
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“I came expecting to be bored and had a ball! What fun!" 
                                                                                            Elaine Donovan, Psychological Examiner
Say good-bye to dull legal and ethical trainings! I am very excited to introduce my latest legal and ethical training using a game show format. This style of presentation grew out of a recognition that most mental health professionals do not need another lecture on typical legal and ethical topics. What has been needed is a fun, stimulating way to review and learn from what they already know. Participants are broken into teams and each team has an electronic remote that sends the team's answer to questions to a computer that keeps scores. Answers from teams are scored, graphed, posted, and discussed. Sponsors can provide prizes to the winning team. In one format questions are presented on a Jeopardy-style screen where categories are chosen and questions get harder as point values increase. The full-day training includes a Family Feud component. This presentation can accommodate any size audience. For large audiences, a gallery is created in the back of the room and play along as desired. The questions posed have been years in development and often focus on lesser-known aspects of legal and ethical quandaries.

Evaluations for this training have been exceptionally positive. Audience members have had a wonderful time discussing and working through perplexing questions. I have never seen a training format that stimulated so much discussion and where time flew by so fast. All questions are designed for all mental health guilds and settings including counseling, social work, psychology, marriage and family, psychiatry, drug and alcohol, case management, etc. This program is available in a 3 or 6-hour format. For large audiences morning and afternoon sessions could be advertised and attendees could choose the most convenient session to attend. 
“Loved the game show format! This made an otherwise unexciting topic energetic and fun. Didn't look at my watch even once.” Noelle Grimes, Counselor
Introduction, Instructions, and Rules of Play

Round 1: General Questions --Topics Include:
Aspirational /Virtue ethics
Dual Relationships
Elder Abuse
Insurance Fraud
Treatment Mandates
Suicide obligations
Duty to Treat
Suicide Liability
Sex with Supervisees

Round 2: Jeopardy-Style Play -- Topics Include:
Informed Consent
Court Records 
50¢ Terms 
Dual Relationships
Pot Luck 

Family Feud-Style Play -- Topics Include: 
Duty to Warn
Child Abuse
Therapist Stress
Elder Abuse
Informed Consent

Round 3: Jeopardy-Style Play -- Topics Include:
Child Abuse
Statutory Rape 
Duty to Warn
Famous Cases
Scope of Practice

Summary and Concluding Discussion

Clifton Mitchell's Legal and Ethical Game Show Challenge
Legal and Ethical CEU Trainings for Social Workers, Counselors, Psychologists, Marriage & Family Therapists, & Substance Abuse Mental Health Professionals in a Fun, Dynamic Game Show Format
"The rating scale does not go high enough. Clift was superb as a presenter and so knowlegeable through his experience and research. I'd be open to any presentation he does."
Attendee, 2011 Psychotherapy Networker Conference
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