"Resistance is very important. Once you learn to use it, you really have come to a point where you can be effective."     Walzlawick
Clifton Mitchell, Ph.D.
"Excellent!  I wish I had not rated other workshops as 4’s & 5’s so I would have an exclusive rating for this one!”   
Freddie Bailey, LADAC Counselor

“One of the best presentations I have attended in 20 years …depth of knowledge of subject and presentation was exceptional!”  
Edward Harper, LCSW

"Clift is a phenomenal presenter with a wealth of information and experience working with resistance in treatment. He'll not only educate but engage and inspire you. Really now, don't miss him!"
Scott Miller, Director, International Center for Clinical Excellence 

“On a 1 to 10 scale this keynote was a resounding 10 for mental health conferences! It was wonderful how he incorporated humor to present such a powerful, therapeutic message"   
Diane Dill, Event Planner, Alabama Council of Community Mental Health Boards

“…unambiguously presented, eminently practical, and highly engaging.” 
Robert E. Wubbolding, Ed.D., Director, Center for Reality Therapy

“I was extremely pleased with the specific examples of how to talk to clients therapeutically. Fabulous instruction! Thank goodness for someone willing to tell the ‘how to’!”  
KNJ, Therapist, CMSW

A Practical, "How to" Guide for Dealing with Your Most Frustrating Clients.
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Strategies for Managing Psychological Resistance in Counseling and Therapy
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